Indiana remains among the worst states when it comes to come obesity, where approximately 1 out of 3 Hoosiers are considered obese.1 Black adults have a 31 percent higher prevalence of obesity, and multiracial adults have a nearly 15 percent higher chance of being obese than white adults in Indiana.2 Indiana currently ranks 35th worst when it comes to obesity, according to the America’s Health Rankings 2019 Annual Report.

The obesity epidemic leads to serious additional chronic health consequences including stroke, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. All of these chronic health conditions are among some of the most expensive to treat and costs Indiana $8.9 billion in increased health care costs, lower productivity and other related impacts.3

  • The average employer paid in excess premiums for each employee of $390 for obesity.4
  • Duke University researchers also found that the fattest workers had 13 times more lost workdays due to work-related injuries, and their medical claims for those injuries were seven times higher than their fit co-workers.5
  • Overweight workers were more likely to have claims involving injuries to the back, wrist, arm, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot than other employees.6 For a heavy manufacturing state, such as Indiana, this is a major liability.
Taking On Obesity

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