Health Disparities

The Alliance is committed to reducing health disparities that exist in our state. The COVID pandemic highlighted the ongoing societal and health issues that our neighbors of color often experience in navigating the health system. The Alliance looks forward to working with our elected officials and partners such as the Indiana Minority Health Coalition for committed public policy changes that improve health outcomes for all Hoosiers.

  • A population study from IUPUI and the Regenstrief Institute found “that black residents in Indiana don’t get cancer more often; in fact, they have lower incidence of many cancers, but disturbingly, they die from cancer at a higher rate.”1
  • State data shows that while Blacks represent 9.8% of Indiana’s population, they make up 12.3% of COVID-19 cases. Hispanics make up 7% or the population and 11.4% of cases, while whites make up 85% of the population and 45% of the cases.2

Decreasing Health Disparities

Please join us — commit to a #HEALTHIERINDIANA