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Adams County Health Department

SERVICES: The Adams County Health Department and Clinic are dedicated to the advancement of the health of all of the residents of Adams county. They serve the community by providing service, education, and prevention regarding a variety of topics, including food, vaccinations, and communicable disease investigation, in an effort to assist our residents in achieving the highest attainable level of health and to maintain that level in a healthy environment.

Adams Memorial Hospital

SERVICES: Adams Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed critical access hospital providing diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative care that meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients. The Behavioral Health Center at Adams Memorial can make getting the help and support you need easy and comfortable. By calling or scheduling a consultation, Adams Memorial Hospital can begin to assess your needs and identify the best ways to help reclaim your life. Programs are flexible. The Behavioral Health Center can structure a program so that you and your treatment team can select treatment options, determine a course of care and set goals that are attainable as quickly and as safely as possible. Adams Memorial Behavioral Health provides inpatient substance abuse treatment and outpatient tobacco cessation and substance abuse treatment.

Addictions Recovery Centers of Indiana, Inc.

SERVICES: Addictions Recovery Centers of Indiana, Inc., provides outpatient services that are related to the misuse of one or more substances. Their scope of practice is for adult populations only, defined as persons being 18 years of age or older. Enrollment in ARC programs requires a current clinical evaluation from a recognized addictions provider.  Program length and intensity is aligned to the severity of the identified problem. ARC accepts referrals from courts, probation, attorneys, employers, family members and persons seeking services of their own accord.

Adult and Child Mental Health Center Inc.

SERVICES: A healthy body & mind can change the way you live your life. Poor health creates a domino effect, impacting relationships, employment, housing, etc. Every day for the past 68 years, Adult and Child Mental Health Center Inc. has supported people in central Indiana. They offer a wide scope of services to make sure you & your loved ones get the care you need. If you’re struggling, A&C Health is ready to walk with you down the road to wellness.

Allen County Department of Health

SERVICES: Allen County Department of Health is charged with improving the quality of life of Allen County residents by promoting health, preventing disease, protecting the environment, and preserving vital records. The department has an annual budget of $4.3 million and is staffed by about 70 full- and part-time employees.

Amethyst House

SERVICES: The Amethyst House in Bloomington, IN, offers residential and outpatient services for drug and alcohol addiction to provide a foundation for sober living.

Aspire Indiana

SERVICES: Aspire Indiana is a fully integrated health system that addresses all aspects of health including primary care, behavioral health, and the social determinants of health such as housing and employment. Aspire understands that behavioral health problems can result from a variety of situations – medical, psychiatric, social, cultural, educational and vocational – a team of experts works with each client to develop a comprehensive, person-centered treatment plan, with the goal of helping each individual live as independently as possible within his or her community.  Aspire sees treatment as an ongoing process rather than a “cure.”  The behavioral health and addictions counseling and treatment programs take place at counseling facilities and a residential treatment facility for those in transition.

Associates in Counseling and Psychotherapy

SERVICES: ACP’s Substance Abuse services are strength-based, and anchored in Motivational Interviewing.  All treatment is trauma informed and holistic in design.  This means ACP provides access to treatment and services that support the client to get to a point of sobriety where they can be adequately assessed to identify concerns and needs. The client cant then be guided to develop a life-long commitment to recovery and a plan to meet the identified needs across all life domains. 

Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission

Working to prevent and reduce the use of tobacco products and to protect Hoosiers from exposure to tobacco smoke.


Next Level Recovery

Find resources for providers, first responders, community leaders and persons with substance use disorder and their families.


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