Committed to Improving Hoosier Health

The Alliance is committed to reducing tobacco use, obesity, infant mortality, opioid abuse, and health disparities that exist in our state. Nationally, Indiana ranks at the bottom for key health metrics and our progress toward improvement is impeded by Indiana’s low public health spending per capita. The Alliance is calling for a $2 per pack increase in cigarette taxes this session to protect Hoosiers’ health, reduce health care costs, and protect Indiana’s workforce.

Indiana ranks 41st of 50

in terms of the overall health of its citizens*

*Based on America’s Health Rankings 2019

2019 State Health Rankings

Nationally, the state of Indiana ranks at the bottom for key health metrics. This is a fact we can no longer afford to ignore.



33 rd

Worst in Drug Deaths


40 th

Worst in Obesity


41 st

Worst in Smoking


43 rd

Worst in Infant Mortality


48 th

Worst in Public Health Funding


The Alliance has developed this focused data resource to delve deeper into county-level data related to our priority issues and demonstrate the impact of Indiana’s low public health spending.


The Alliance is a group of healthcare professionals, advocates and community and business leaders committed to making Indiana a healthier place to live and work. Learn more about our priority issues:


Tobacco Use

Tobacco use costs Indiana $6 billion annually, and secondhand smoke costs $2.1 billion in excess medical expenses and premature loss of life.



Addiction takes a tremendous toll on the health of our state. In 2017 alone, direct and indirect costs related to addiction totaled $4.3 billion, $11 million a day.



Nearly 1 out of 3 adult Hoosiers are obese, putting them at risk for chronic health conditions such as stroke, type II diabetes, heart disease and cancer.


Infant Mortality

7 of every 1,000 Hoosier infants die before their first birthday, reflecting the state of maternal health and the quality & accessibility of care for women and infants.

Health Disparities

Health Disparities

Death from cancer, infant and maternal health and COVID infections all disproportionally impact citizens of color.


Please join us — commit to a #HEALTHIERINDIANA