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A Complex Challenge

The health of our state is a complex measurement with many factors at play. Indiana ranks at the bottom in many important health metrics including obesity, tobacco use, infant mortality and opioid abuse—and these are just a few critical examples. Our progress toward improvement is impeded by Indiana’s low public health spending per capita. Our position as one of the nation's unhealthiest states can likely be attributed to many of the poor rankings Indiana received as part of America’s Health Rankings Report.


These are issues that affect each and every Hoosier, whether directly or indirectly. Beyond simply our health, it affects Indiana businesses, our state’s economy, health care costs and our national reputation.

A Path to Hoosier Health

Improving our state's health cannot be done overnight. It will take a concerted and collaborative effort. We have the know-how and motivation to create real change through a combined focus:

Tackling Tobacco Use

Helping Hoosier smokers quit and deterring youth from starting  /  Tobacco costs Indiana $6 billion annually, taking into account health care costs and lost productivity due to smoking-related diseases and smoking on the job. Additionally, secondhand smoke costs Indiana $2.1 billion dollars in excess medical expenses and premature loss of life.
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Battling Opioid Abuse

Reducing Hoosier abuse and dependency on opioids  /  Opioid abuse, one of Indiana's fastest growing drug problems, takes a tremendous toll on the health of our state with overdose fatalities costing Indiana $1.4 billion in 2014.
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Taking on Obesity

Motivating and supporting Hoosiers to make health a priority  /  Approximately 1 out of 3 adult Hoosiers are obese, which makes them at risk for serious additional chronic health conditions including stroke, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.
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Reducing Infant Mortality

Improving futures for the most vulnerable Hoosiers  /  Currently 7 out of every 1,000 infants born in Indiana die before their first birthday, reflecting the overall state of maternal health, as well as the quality and accessibility of primary health care available to pregnant women and infants. 
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Our first priority will be to substantially reduce tobacco usage, which is the leading cause of preventable death in Indiana and a major contributor to a plethora of other health issues.

Impacting All Hoosiers

These factors impact all Hoosiers on an economic level. Tobacco, combined with opioid addictions, costs Indiana more than $7.4 billion annually. Because we are a state with people who smoke:

  • We have 178,000 fewer jobs.
  • Production of goods and services is lower by almost $15 billion.
  • We pay $25.3 billion less in after-tax income to our workers and residents.
  • Employees who smoke cause about two times more lost production time (LPT) per week than workers who never smoked, costing an estimated $27 billion.
  • Increased medical expenses, higher insurance rates, added maintenance expenses, lower productivity and higher rates of absenteeism from smoking cost American businesses between $97 and $125 billion every year.

Substantially reducing tobacco usage in our state would not only save Hoosier lives, but would improve our economic competitiveness, increase the productivity of our workforce and dramatically reduce health care costs.

Together, we can pave the path to
Hoosier health. Join us!

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